You need both desire and dedication.

For the continuous improvement on my jogging routine, I set a goal to finish earlier. Usually it take me 30 minutes I specifically wanted to cut 10 minutes.

I improved the process of attaining the result I wanted.The mission was to increase the pase and maintain it till the finish line.

I started fresh with higher pase than the norm. As I proceed to the usually slope that I use to climb freely. My heart raced fast, I heavily breathe and my chest was aching. I was tempted to return back to my comfort pase.

I remembered how Jesus Christ bacame victorious when he was led to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. He said it is wirriten.

By this, my mind quickly remembered what is wirriten by Jim Rohn. I said it is wirriten that a person with desire but no dedication will never achieve much. I made up my mind to persue with a pace I started with inorde to achieve my goal.

John emphasise that in everything you do. You need desire (which I define it as a passion rising from within) and dication inorder to succeed. Desire is a tri- alliance of your Dream, Vision and Focus. Dedication is also a tri- alliance of your Plan, Beginning and perseverance.

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