Benefit with your online influence as an influencer.

An influencer by the way is a person who affect someone or something consciously or unconsciously in an important way. For the sake of clarity on what I am talking about, I have to define it as an internet user who affect the online media consciously or unconsciously in an important way.
The internet user might be seeking attention, delivering a message or socializing Via; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blogging, just to mention the few. You know where you are making an impact.

If you didn’t know, well now you know and you may benefit a large portion from today’s marketers because 86% of them today use influencers to boost their marketing strategies. Association of National Advertiser (ANA) is expecting this to be the fastest growing brand activation channels through 2020.

A survey from the report of ” The value of the influencers content 2017″ Asked the markters why they chose to work with influencers for content creation, 73% of the respondents said it is because of relevance to their target audience; 72% use the tactic for the influencer’ authenticity and trusted voice; and 60% use influencer marketing to spark audience engagement. 

The question you should be asking yourself now is how you can benefit because you are already an influencer, you don’t have to be a notable person or a public figure. It just have to be you and your audience. 

In attempt to answer this question I will first tell you what I did because I am already benefiting a portion even though it not large yet.First of all I respected and utilized my email address. 

Google is try so hard to make everyone who own smartphone to also own an email address, this is happening however not everyone utilize email address moreover many people don’t repect email addresses.

They forget about them in a week after buying a smartphone or registration of an email for google store to be able to upload applications in their phones. Some people they limit the usefulness of email addresses​ only in seeking employment. Email address is your tool as an influencer. Respect and utilize it.

This is what I did, I opened a blog on WordPress com and began to write. I approached com to register my blog as a freelancer, I also registered my Twitter and Facebook account.

Now I am given an assignments for every month, I am not paid much but I have used that money to pay for my WordPress Blog. I am running a paid blog now. With a paid blog that is continuously fed with valuable content, I hope for breakthrough.

Cut the pattern from what I did and improve as an influencer. If you need basic help to start I am here to move forward with you.

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