June 16 1976 The greatest shift in South Africa.

To me it mark the greatest shift from what was failing us to where we are today.

The youth was no longer willing to settle for less than they deserve. Whatever was happening was against their development and freedom.
With this in mind we can also observe what is against our personal development as individuals and begin to mobilize whatever strategies we can in order to impact our lives with the greatest shift.

As the youth of 1976 intended to march peacefully to demonstrate their dissatisfaction to government.

For Personal development you can do likewise to whatever is failing you by reflecting on the following:

What old ways are you leaving behind?
– The ways that are against your personal development and the ways that are non value adding to your life.

What changes are you embracing?
– what matters is where you are changing to.
Ask yourself a question if what you are
Changing to can mark the greatest shift in your life when you have to look back your past.

How are you inspiring others?
– For inspiring others you can focus on:
– Building relationships.
– Leaving ego behind.
– lifting​ others up.

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable..Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

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