Let go of beliefs that no longer serve you.

successful man is the one whose trust or confidence is in the right place or right person or thing. This is a blessed man whose trust is in the Lord (right person).

Beliefs can either lead you to success or limit your success.

Limiting beliefs are those beliefs that limit your success,” Are beliefs you most likely formed as a child from your parents or society and they have been holding you back your entire life,” Madelyn Moon ( Author, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach) elaborate.

The challenge we have, is to scrutinize the beliefs we formed while growing up from our parents, past experiences and society, are they serving us or they act against us?.

Take a look at how Divan Vermaak (Chief Ranger Tala Game Reseve) who changed from the belief of being a hunter to be a conservationist.

He studied to be a professional hunter since he was 10 years old “as young boy I was dragged along within small world with my father telling me , you have to hunt , you have to hunt this is what we do this is what the family does and then as I grew up, I started to use my own mind I realized that the killing part is not for me, looking at the animals, appreciating the animals meant more to me, I decided to go to conservation and slowly but surely I got my whole family involve and I turned all of them into conservationists rather than hunters”.

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