Practising self-decipline


Today I read the 14 ways to improve self decipline from success magazine. You can google it.

I wanted to share it but I said to myself wait..many people have shared it already and probably my family already came across it.

Instead of sharing I decided to practice it myself. I sat down with my journal and I started to follow these 14 ways.

As I was following I was skipping some of the steps because they’re irrelevant to what I am trying to be decipline on.

I finished and I reviewed the steps I followed.

I found that 4 steps real speak with me when it comes to practising self decipline.

1. When to start? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Set a date

2. Why I have to be self decipline?>>>>>>>>>>> Reasons

3. How will this benefit me?>>>>>>>>>Benefits

4. How will I resist temptations?>>>>>>>>>persistence

Most importantly self-decipline is based on individuality.

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