Feeling miserable?

Today, just imagine where you would have been if you have not been taking things casually, If you had been giving all what you have. If you have been throwing your whole self on what you have set to achieve.

The only thing that is a real different from you and those who making it in life is a level of passion.

This thing of being an avarage person is only existing in your mind, you are not born with it. You have set your own limit.

If a solider demands that you carry his gear for a mile , carry it two miles.

For instance, your passion is your solider. It demand you and you have to do more than its demands.

Being average is destructive and fatal. Have courage and eagerness to go far from your limit in whatever you are doing. You have to constantly break your limit.

Mediocrity​ life is miserable. 

Listen to life…

I am lost in 20’s. I followed a wrong career, not because I didn’t know what I wanted. I wanted to become a doctor since primary school. In high school I became more specific about my dream, I wanted​ to become​ a medical doctor.

I use to call myself MD. The reality of life striked I never made it. Boom! I found myself on the wrong career. I’ve forgotten about being an MD now. What I have noticed from my dead dream is that it was something that could have gave me an identity and could have change my whole life. Just as the conversation that changed Jeff’s life “Jeff , you don’t have to want to be a writer. You are a writer. You just have to write.”

MD dream died. I am on wrong career. I decided to carry on with it because, number one life don’t give us what we want but what we work for and two I have been programmed to get a good job with high pay check, I have discovered this from Robert Kiyosaki on his book ” how to choose your personal success”

From this book “how to choose your personal success” I have another perspective on how to persue your personal success without​ chasing a wrong thing. I have decided to listen to my life as Parker Palmer said “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I have to listen to my life telling me who I am”.

As my way of listening to life I have decided to be a student for people who are passionate about what they are doing just to enlighten my spark. According to someone who have made it in life Jeff Goins he emphasise that chasing your dream is not a process you can plan. But it is something you can be very intentional about.

You need both desire and dedication.

For the continuous improvement on my jogging routine, I set a goal to finish earlier. Usually it take me 30 minutes I specifically wanted to cut 10 minutes.

I improved the process of attaining the result I wanted.The mission was to increase the pase and maintain it till the finish line.

I started fresh with higher pase than the norm. As I proceed to the usually slope that I use to climb freely. My heart raced fast, I heavily breathe and my chest was aching. I was tempted to return back to my comfort pase.

I remembered how Jesus Christ bacame victorious when he was led to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. He said it is wirriten.

By this, my mind quickly remembered what is wirriten by Jim Rohn. I said it is wirriten that a person with desire but no dedication will never achieve much. I made up my mind to persue with a pace I started with inorde to achieve my goal.

John emphasise that in everything you do. You need desire (which I define it as a passion rising from within) and dication inorder to succeed. Desire is a tri- alliance of your Dream, Vision and Focus. Dedication is also a tri- alliance of your Plan, Beginning and perseverance.

A passion likened to second birth.

To be born again is likened as to find your passion in life, Mark Tawin made it clear on this quote “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you found out why”

To me the day you found out why, is the second birth for mankind. We are not born for this routine of chasing a pay check. The pay check suppose to chase us down once we are born again (found why).

 A blessing is when you have found out why early in life or born with it like Jubal in the Bible who was the father of musicians who play the harp and fluet . The Sons for this man was blessed because they didn’t have to found out why. The mission for them was to plug and play.

Many of us are not born with plug and play formula but this doesn’t mean we are born for no reason. It means we are born with a mission to found out why and we must never rest until we found all the answers.